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    Crockus reacted to FlameColonel in USask 2021 Dental School Interviews   
    Hi everyone!

    Make sure you log in to the Usask application to see any changes to your waitlist changes. As I did not get an email when my status changed. 
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    Crockus got a reaction from y121212 in USask 2021 Dental School Interviews   
    They didn’t release the admission statistics from last year, but this is for the class of 2019-2020. I feel you, I was really excited for the interview
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    Crockus got a reaction from lmaword in USask 2021 Dental School Interviews   
    I re-read the admissions information guide and it says that applicants selected to interview will be contacted via email by early March, so I’m sure we will hear something soon
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    Crockus got a reaction from 235 in USask 2021 Dental School Interviews   
    They sent out invites feb 14th with the interview set to be on March 28th. Then early March they sent another email saying that they are monitoring the COVID situation but still intend to hold the interviews on the specified date. A few days after this (~ mid march) they sent another update saying that the interviews were cancelled, but would be rescheduled TBD. Then we didn't hear anything until April 22nd, when they emailed informing us that the interviews were permanently cancelled and telling us our application results
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    Crockus reacted to lmaword in USask 2021 Dental School Interviews   
    Havent heard anything yet. have asked many people and no one has gotten anything. i emailed the department yesterday but havent gotten a response. invitations have not been sent out and its already March, im thinking that interviews may be cancelled this year, they were last year once COVID hit. 
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    Crockus reacted to futureDr.C in U of S invites   
    Its on the selection criteria PDF on the website (although it doesn't say anything about CASPer on main page) CASPer has 0% weight in the application, it's for research purposes, it HAS to be done by November 19th 
    It does not replace the interview and USASK still requires DAT
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    Crockus reacted to c5555 in U of S invites   
    That was worded so well. What a good summary of the crap we put up with this year. Absolutely unbelievable.
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    Crockus reacted to futureDr.C in U of S invites   
    Yeah these past 2 days have been hard, just knowing that there is no chance anymore! I'm defiantly looking into other schools to apply to next year, and boosting my DAT for more security. 
    Everyone who was waitlisted, we truly deserve a pat on the back for dealing with all the shit from admissions this year.... having people get in that were below us, lied to, no contact and having our interview opportunity taken away from us. 
    Truly hope that we get what we all deserve next year, whether it be that we get into dentistry or find another program/job that fits us better. 
    I try to think of the positives that we will possibly get the full orientation and classroom experience next year. 
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    Crockus reacted to DentLife in U of S invites   
    Wow that’s no good. The varying degrees regarding the lack of transparency in admissions processes is unacceptable in my opinion. Students dedicate years of education and hard work prior to applying only to be met with relatively vague admissions information. If one put themselves in the shoes of these students they could easily see how frustrating this is. You can’t help but feel there is little empathy towards prospect students although being empathic is a highly valued personal trait in dentistry.
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    Crockus reacted to c5555 in U of S invites   
    So apparently 33/34 spots are filled for the orientation - my friend just told me. Looks like another disappointing year 
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    Crockus reacted to ancientsoul in U of S invites   
    i think they mean as in the spots are already open and they're still pending on sending us the offer. because we now know the waitlist moved 4 spots, and its probably likely that it moved more, they just haven't informed us yet. but this is just an assumption like everything else we've been saying. lol they could not have left us more confused
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    Crockus reacted to Dr.Dent in U of S invites   
    ikr!! It literally takes 2 minutes to write an email saying this is going on, keep your patience. Plus the fact that we were all so close to getting in, now seeing other people getting spots that might've been ours, sucks !
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    Crockus reacted to futureDr.C in U of S invites   
    hopefully there is some sort of explanation, clear up tomorrow once merissa is back in work hours. 
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    Crockus got a reaction from c5555 in U of S invites   
    I still get sad/frustrated when I think about how the interviews were cancelled. We pay a fee and go through the application process knowing that we have the chance to get an interview. I’m sure we all prepped for months for the MMI once we were offered one. The interview is such a crucial part of the application process. And then they tell us it will be rescheduled, but the next email they send says it’s cancelled. I understand COVID-19 hasn’t made things easy but why were medicine and pharmacy able to adapt so quickly? And when they informed us that they were cancelled they didn’t really explain why they weren’t able to do virtual interviews, they just said “interviews cancelled here are the results” out of the blue.
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    Crockus reacted to futureDr.C in U of S invites   
    this isn't making sense then that all of the top third people haven't heard a thing !!
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    Crockus reacted to cc.v in U of S invites   
    I know an OOP person who got accepted today off of the waitlist, maybe we'll be hearing back soon too
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    Crockus reacted to AncientDentist in For those struggling with rejection, concerns, or quarantine   
    Thanks so much for doing this! So important to get through these tough times together. Wishing you all the best. Too bad admissions look at flaunted achievements rather than those acts of goodness that some people do discretely. You will one day make an amazing clinician (if that's the path you choose).
    PM me if I could be any resource at all to you or anyone else.
    All the best
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    Crockus reacted to Allone in For those struggling with rejection, concerns, or quarantine   
    Hello everyone! I can only imagine how differently difficult this pandemics is for everyone. Having perceived the type of impacts this quarantine can have on mental health, and how many of us simply need someone to talk to (especially after receiving rejections) , I made a page called Allone where I answer any questions, converse, or keep company for those who feel isolated, alone, or however else you may be feeling. The facebook page is:
    This page is ran solely by myself, and everything is confidential and could be anonymous if you wish it to be. I am NOT a professional, but I am open to discuss about any topic. Cheers, everyone!

    I, as well, was faced with rejections this cycle but I found connecting with others tremendously helpful.
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    Crockus reacted to ancientsoul in U of S invites   
    yup, only to tell me that she can't disclose that info :/
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    Crockus reacted to cincotres in Schulich Class of 2024 Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected   
    Still early but nothing recently that I'm aware of.
    Just wanted to offer some words of encouragement to waitlisters. Speaking as someone who didn't get off waitlist last year, try not to think about waitlist movement! Being in your position is honestly one of the worst feelings ever; I was worrying over movement for several months last summer and refreshing this forum daily, but I really think that was self-destructive because it just made me feel worse. I understand that the whole COVID situation only compounds the uncertainty, but as one user said in an older thread, "hope for the best, but plan for the worst." It really helped me to just think about improving things that are were in my control (i.e. weaknesses in your ABS, interview skills, plans for next year) as opposed to whether people would decline their offers. You're all so close and if you get in off the waitlist, that's great! But if not, take solace in the fact that your application can only get better and it will be your year soon.
    Best of luck to everyone! If anyone wants to chat, feel free to PM
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    Crockus reacted to drcasper in U of S invites   
    Usask med offers have been going out today!
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    Crockus reacted to UWODENT2024 in Schulich Class of 2024 Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected   
    Result: Accepted
    GPA: ~3.8 (best two years)
    UG: 4 year degree & one year after graduation of courses to boost GPA
    DAT: 21/19/17 (RC/AA/PAT)
    ABS: 4th year thesis, lots of ECs throughout UG, over 600 hours of dental experience (currently employed at a dental office)
    Interview: Thought it went well, it was hard to say without human interaction. I treated it like a regular conversation, which helped keep my stress levels down and my confidence up.
    Posting this to show that you don't need to be a picture perfect candidate. The first year of my undergrad, my GPA was awful and my PAT score isn't great either. You will reach your goal!
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    Crockus reacted to c5555 in U of S invites   
    Correction: their admission's website says BY May 31. So I could be wrong. Let's hope its before then guys!!
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    Crockus reacted to Shaeya in U of S 2020 acceptance   
    Congratulations to everyone who was accepted! I hope that you have a great first year. The waitlist is a great achievement and so is getting an interview. This year has been pretty crazy and with no interviews And has been very stressful. 
    I thought I’d start this forum to see how everyone is doing and if there is movement on the waitlist. 
    I am OOP waitlisted in the bottom third! 
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