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  1. You can’t. I emailed her regarding this earlier. She said they only go on some days.
  2. i emailed then b/c i mailed it the after day of the offer. She said she'll be going in on Wednesday and will email me to confirm if they got it then.
  3. Did they send you any confirmation email? Coz I didn’t get any
  4. I applied with 3 years last year but I’m graduating this year so they counted my third year grades and it boosted my average by few percent.
  5. i was on waitlist last year and there were 4-5 of us on the top third i think. Not sure this year
  6. prob coz it's harder to find places to rent etc. due to covid or people wana stay in hometowns
  7. And we haven’t even gotten an email stating that we’re not getting in lol. My friends have had their second day of classes and we got nothing. I’m literally not gonna apply here next year. This is mental torture.
  8. Yeah I was thinking one of us writes an email and cc the others and mention in the email that they’ve cc’d all the accounts of students who’re concerned with the same issue. And definitely put a strong word about how we’ve been waiting for an email for a week and haven’t received anything. or we can all put our emails and names on the email the one person decides to write.
  9. I think it would come off much stronger if we all talk to the dean and not just one student that they might think they could ignore. I'm all in for anything we decide. It's our right to know what's going on, we spent so much time and money on the application process itself. On top of that, so much mental stress from last few months.
  10. sameee, tbh I'm only being this patient since you guys were like let's wait for a week. Can't we just call him or something. ALSO, there's a different phone no. when i search college of dent on google. I might just try calling that number tomorrow
  11. tbh, sometimes it's hard to believe that a professional college like dentistry is ghosting us lol. so unprofessional ..
  12. yeah that could be the reason. I guess we can't do anything at this point but wait, which sucks in this situation.
  13. Should we email her again? or does that sound too desperate lol
  14. ikr!! It literally takes 2 minutes to write an email saying this is going on, keep your patience. Plus the fact that we were all so close to getting in, now seeing other people getting spots that might've been ours, sucks !
  15. weird thing she responded within minutes when I emailed her asking about what part of waitlist I was on, which was probably the busiest time for them lol. I have a feeling she isn't responding coz she prob doesn't know/or is also as surprised as us - meaning it could've been a mistake.
  16. But they won't even know if more people will leave their spots from accepted applicants , how can they leave us for the end? that's unpredictable
  17. sorry for being so impatient guys, but did any of you receive any response from merissa?
  18. I'm gonna wait and see what she responds to your guy's emails. If not, I def. encourage us all emailing them so that they realize it's not so easy to just randomly choose people from waitlist. My dad said the same about taking them to court since the only criteria for selection was grades and DAT. They can't even say that some people were chosen b/c of interview skills or anything. lol
  19. again though, that's unfair. choosing certain people to keep their college average lower is literally putting our hardwork and efforts to get into this school all in vain. And the whole purpose of having ranks on wait-list is defied. Sorry but I guess I'm just very mad atm.
  20. I REALLY HOPE they realize this mistake.. But then it's not fair to the middle third people who have already been offered admission. But they better offer top thirds the position b/c their original selection criteria was academic average and DAT, so they gotta stick to that
  21. That's no fair and they can't do that if their original selected applicants were based on DAT scores and Average in school.
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