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  1. This is exactly how I feel. I feel like I am such a strong candidate, but then I read on here about other candidates with amazing applications who have applied 4-5 time and I feel so discouraged. This is my second time and I don’t know how I will hang in if I have to do this more than 3.
  2. Anyone else fantasize about what it would be like to read that acceptance email, and get caught up thinking about how your going to tell your family and friends? Or just me slowly going crazy
  3. ACLS and CTAS were such fun courses! Some of my favourites for sure. I’m also transitioning to ER Best of luck to you as well!
  4. Wow I feel this!! I’m also an RN, there are so many interesting job postings that I want to apply for, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time if I’ll be leaving in three months. Everything is waiting on May 11th! I got rejected last year even though I felt so good about my chances. Just don’t know how to feel this time.
  5. Yes but I think that has always been there? Never really paid attention to it though. button fiasco 2021 here we come
  6. Omg yes I remember your name from last year hope this is our year!
  7. This is my second year applying, I feel like I have been hanging in okay but now that it’s two weeks away it’s all I can think about
  8. 17 days to go! But who’s counting How many people here are first time applicants vs seasoned?
  9. I wouldn’t email yet. I just got mine at 9:17
  10. Timestamp: 9:17 am Interview: Yes! GPA: OMSAS 3.38 - my biggest weakness Context: Born and raised NO, Indigenous, lived in remote community on reserve EC: varied, RN, working with Indigenous communities Non-trad?: no # of previous applications: this is my second application, interviewed last year as well Interview Location/Date/Time: Sunday March 7 1pm
  11. This is my second year applying, last year I was going crazy from now until May lol. This year I am a lot more relaxed and almost forgot invites were coming out soon. Honestly, enjoy the exciting and nervous feelings, if you go for round two it is not as exciting of a process! Good luck to everyone
  12. I'm expecting them to come out any day now. Last year it was Jan 13th first thing in the morning. I think previous years it was around this time as well.
  13. I got one in October from NOSM just acknowledging that my application was received. Last year I got my interview invite on Jan 13th, so you should be hearing from them again fairly soon. They seem to be pretty consistent with the dates that they send updates. I would reach out if you don't get an email about interviews when those offers come out.
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