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  1. Honestly not sure what my GPA was. Probably around 89-90. MCAT 509 with 128 CARS. First time applying. Non-rural IP. VFMP was first choice
  2. I'm in complete shock but I just got accepted into VFMP!!! I had lost all hope and was getting ready to apply across Canada next year. Good luck everyone, don't give up <3
  3. @Rajalgool I have a few questions about the program! I'm wondering about the MPT/PhD program (are there opportunities to do your PhD after you've been accepted into the MPT program only? I wasn't eligible to apply for the combined program). I'm also wondering about opportunities for international placements (I'm assuming they are on hold at the moment). Finally, a bit about research opportunities! I know that's a lot but any general insights would be great I also might PM you if you're okay with that! Thanks so much for offering to answer questions - super appreciated
  4. I had 7:58:05 and am still on the waitlist could be in reverse?
  5. I have 7:58:05 and my last name starts with a P I honestly doubt that the seconds correlates to waitlist positions but who knows! good luck everyone
  6. Does anyone know approx how many people are on the waitlist typically (I know they don't officially release this). Also, approx how many people typically get in from the waitlist? I'm not expecting many people to decline their offers Also I'm a bit confused about how the waitlist works for IP vs OOP. Are OOP positions reserved for OOP applicants?
  7. Thank you so much @HK2018 for your advice! I'm definitely interested in the other avenues that can lead from PT and I think I'm just looking for some reassurance
  8. Hey all! I am super grateful to have gotten a spot in at UBC for PT for this Fall. Due to some personal reasons I am not 100% sure about entering the program this year. I already accepted the position as the acceptance date was coming up. I have been doing some thinking about my career choice and my personal life and I am thinking it could be best to wait a year before entering the program as I don't want to take a spot away from other people who are 100% certain this is what they want to do! I know it's an awesome program and I'm super luck to have this spot, but I don't want to regret a
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