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  1. I did the FSA earlier today, but does anyone know if your audio/video during the written responses were recorded? The light on my webcam was off the entire time but I want to know if they will be able to see me looking all stressed while answering some of the questions LOL
  2. Ya I'm wondering if there will be a presentation component too... also i haven't heard back from them at all either even though I filled out that form! Has anyone received anything else by now?
  3. I’m wondering the same thing... their website barely provides any info, do we even have to make a presentation now that it’s online? I accepted my interview invite but haven’t gotten any more info from them yet
  4. Ya it’s really odd that they’ve kept you guys waiting. I assumed the first round of refusals meant yesterday, and that second round refusals meant after the actual interviews themselves. People who got offered interviews have until April 20 to accept so there’s no wayyyy they’d make you wait that long if other ppl decline I mean they might but that would be weird and annoying lol
  5. I have around 78% overall across 4 years. I have about 6 months worth of pharmacy volunteer experience at 2 diff pharmacies, and a bunch of non-pharmacy related volunteer stuff. Also part of a couple clubs at uni. I felt really good about my AIF, mostly bc I integrated a lot of my volunteer stuff into it and also had a good pharmacist reference. I felt iffy about the casper/snapshot bc I literally didn't fully finish typing my answers on like any of the questions lol. But i think maybe what I had already written gave them a good idea of what I was trying to say?? Snapshot was weird tho,
  6. Yes, I got an email! I don't see anything on my quest that indicated I received an invite, so it seems like they're only sending out the invitations over email. If your quest still says "application" under the status tab then I'm sure you'll receive an invite email sometime soon
  7. Lol maybe check your spam folder in your email? If your quest doesn't say "deny" by this point then I feel like you probably will be offered an interview
  8. Yes, just got an invite email too!!! Quest still isn't working for me so I guess you just have to wait for an email
  9. Ya I think we just have to submit our final transcripts by the end of May, and then we hear from them officially when admissions decisions happen in June
  10. Lol my quest account isn't even loading, the site is being really slow I can't even see anything
  11. Does anyone know what the online interviews were like for last year’s cycle? I’m worried about what to expect... or if it’ll be the same as a regular interview?
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