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  1. if you're feeling even more brave, ask your attending if they did their medical training in the Caribbean.
  2. well I mean UVic already hosts the IMP, so it wouldn't make sense of them to open a whole new schools, considering that their IMP site already has 38 seats. I guess maybe UVic/UBC can introduce a concurrent 3+2 (3 yr med, 2 year fm residency) or a 3+2+1 (3 yr med, 2 year fm residency, 1 year EM fellowship) program to increase Family Medicine or Emergency Doctors??
  3. very true about the North. Although UBC's does have a Medical School Campus in Victoria. Do you think they should be adding another on the Islands? Like in cambell river/courtenay/comox area, or increasing the # of seats in Victoria? I thought that a way of narrowing the doctor shortage is only allow IMG's to do Family Medicine residencies, but then I remembered that the Carribean Schools would probably lobby otherwise.
  4. hahaha. question your bio says you're phd/md, how are you able to do both in just 5 years at McGill?
  5. My name is SO COMMON, more than 30 linkedin still worth it tho, add a photo to your linkedin profile.
  6. I also think if it was a Northern School, it would be cool to add elements of Indigenous Medicine, as well!
  7. I think either: - Yukon University - Northwest Territories (right in between Yukon and Nunavut, so only admit those in the Territories) (call it "MUTN"--Medical University of The North) - Kwantalen Polytechnic University (they're building a new hospital so it'd be a nice affiliation tbh) - A Canadian Armed Forces Medical School with a 5-10 year Return of Service Contract or something (similar to how in the States they have the, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences) . . . What do you guys think?
  8. I think it would be helpful because whether you want to believe it or not, employers/supervisors/people in general search your name up, for example when applying for a job/residencies. So if someone's gonna stalk you, you at least want the first google result to be: 1. Something you want them to see 2. Something you wouldn't mind them seeing 3. Something to show who you are 4. Something to come before they see that weird YouTube Video of you drunk at a Party in College grinding up next to a guy in a Santa Claus Suit. It's also great, because you can connect with people
  9. also try, fb groups like Vancouver Buy & Sell n stuff, and check out community billboards in libraries.
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