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  1. are there any OOPs here that are still on the waitlist?
  2. question for those that were on the waitlist last year, did they send an official letter of regret or did they just not say anything?
  3. does anyone know how they convert letter grades to percent? do they just use OMSAS?
  4. for those that got accepted, how long do you guys have to give a response?
  5. who did you email to get your position on the waitlist?
  6. does anyone know if they put everyone who didn't get an offer on the waitlist or if there is a specific number of people on the waitlist?
  7. Does anyone know if all the invites have been sent out and if they would tell you you didn't get an interview?
  8. Yeah I did both high school and undergrad in canada and I did fine in uni english so I was a bit surprised when I saw it lol
  9. did anyone else get an "english language proficiency" requirement added to their list of requirements in the portal?
  10. yeah, I did but no one had an answer so I thought I might try my luck here. Thanks tho
  11. does anyone know if they show the cGPA calculation for dental applicants?
  12. i remember last year we were supposed to print off the admittance letter but i haven't received an email with the information to print off the letter..has anyone received an email or this year are we just showing them our confirmation email on our phone?
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