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  1. File review hasn’t started yet? Where’d you get that info? If that’s the case then things must be really busy at the admissions office.
  2. Not for a while I’m pretty sure. End of January I believe.
  3. Yeah dude apply. Everyone’s journey is different. U of C values the journey. So if you’re is genuine and you’ve learned from it then I’m sure you will at least get an interview.
  4. I wanted to let you guys know my transcript shows as received(as of last night). I can imagine the admissions office is working tirelessly to get them all in the system.
  5. Bad look to leave it blank. use the personal email. Read the manual it says they will follow up if they need to. Ofcourse your file will suffer from more scrutiny but that’s not a bad thing. Just means they are going to go hard when it comes to fact checking your top ten.
  6. The director of admissions says that the verifiers aren’t asked to comment on character just if the experience you described happened. I would advise against putting a verifier who is currently applying. There is a bigger chance that gets red flagged rather than the verifier screwing up.
  7. If all our transcripts haven’t been checked off in the system yet then I’m going to go with there’s just so much happening and working from home is creating a backlog. With all our transcripts coming from different institutions/locations, yet still having the same result I’d say my explanation is plausible. It’s no worries guys. sent mine on July 9th (Ottawa) and July 20th (Calgary)
  8. For those who had their transcripts mailed in, what’s your current status? Received? Or Unchanged? Just checking in.
  9. In the same boat. My Ucalgary transcripts got there (sent on the 22nd) but my Ottawa Transcripts (sent on July 10) have not been shown as received. I think because they are working from home and there are thousands of transcripts to go over. I’m sure if you sent it in early july - mid August then all is well. Try not to stress.
  10. Hi does anyone want to exchange top tens with each other and proofread?
  11. Hi All! This will be my my first cycle applying. I’ve been planning my Top 10 since I was 16 but to truly create drafts of my writing I’d need to know how many characters or words U Calgary allows for each specific top ten. So if any of you could give me that info about what the Top Ten looks like in the actual application that would help a lot!!
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