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  1. Sorry I should clarify. I received an email with the update. Even if you didn’t get the email, it’s an automated response im pretty sure and those are quite wonky at times. So don’t sweat it my friend.
  2. Submitted my MCAT scores and the verification response contained an update. The admissions site also has this too.
  3. Interview Updates 2021/2022: For the 2021/2022 application cycle interviews will be held virtually in an Asynchronous format on Saturday November 27th, 2021 at 1:00pm Atlantic Time. All applicants will be contact via email in early November with regards to the status of their application.
  4. https://wpsites.ucalgary.ca/mdadmissions/ here you go my friend.
  5. They wont verify everyone till after october 12th when the deadline scores are released. Do not worry. I’m sure it is fine. Heads up folks. Even if some said last year their score was not verified there is no way to tell if it is true. If after October 12th your score isnt verified then sure worry. But until then please don’t. There are first time applicants who most likely have not even inputted their scores yet. So my friend, it’s all g. You submitted a strong application and now it’s out of your hands. Have an edible.
  6. If you go to the payment section of your application and see there is a transaction date, then all should be well. I remember Dr. P saying that’s what matters when there were payment problems last year. Rather than email, you should use the blog. Dr. P will see it and inquire. Then probably make an announcement to calm nerves.
  7. They wont verify everyone till after october 12th when the deadline scores are released. Do not worry. I’m sure it is fine. Heads up folks.
  8. Respectfully, This is not a good look. It wont be a large enough sample to be representative of the applicant pool and there’s no way to verify who is telling the truth or not. Be confident in your own Casper performance, and have faith that you get through and get a chance for an interview. Let’s foster empowerment as a cohort. Comparing wont do us any objective good as a whole. + There is no where to tell where you fall in the actual quartile. Patience, my friends.
  9. Don’t worry. You could’ve scored anywhere in the quartile (from high end to low end). What matters is where you rank on the scores that have been submitted to Dalhousie. I would say that you still have a pretty good shot.
  10. Your ECs include anything you’ve done. Doesn’t have to be hospital based. Medically related is things that involve traits necessary for the practice of medicine. Leadership, Intellectual curiousity, cultural competence, empathy, community,etc. You did a computer science degree and now you want to go into medicine. You’re going to have to do the MCAT. For someone with zero background that is willing to go through the rigorous process of studying for and completing the MCAT?!? I’m not sure about you but to me that sounds like a resilient individual, one who has the academic bandwidth t
  11. Hey Friends, casper scores from the Aug 31st test date have been distributed. I wonder when they will release the rejections for those who do not meet cutoffs. Any one have a thought?
  12. No one path is the same. This has been said time and time again by the AdCom and by Dr. P. (Dean of Admissions). It makes no sense to compare yourself to other applicants (or their base scores pre-standardization) as we have no idea how the reviewer will feel on the day they review our file. It is all subjective. So just hold your faith dude. Keep a positive mindset because you literally never know.
  13. Stop stressing. MCAT isn’t counted in the whole score calculation and is subjective (meaning it’s part of the global academic review and life context is taken into account, this is all in the applicant manual). Your CARS score is quite low yes.......but people have been admitted with as low as 121 at the University of Calgary. What matters is that you were honest and genuine in your application because what would set you apart from other applicants is if you were YOURSELF. No life has the same exact experiences. If you were genuine, have a holistic application that shows altruism, compassion a
  14. I agree. I think the pandemic has slowed things down a lot. I do like having conversations with you all on here though. Nice for some social interaction during the pandemic + waiting for our results. Thanks guys
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