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  1. No one path is the same. This has been said time and time again by the AdCom and by Dr. P. (Dean of Admissions). It makes no sense to compare yourself to other applicants (or their base scores pre-standardization) as we have no idea how the reviewer will feel on the day they review our file. It is all subjective. So just hold your faith dude. Keep a positive mindset because you literally never know. 

  2. Stop stressing. MCAT isn’t counted in the whole score calculation and is subjective (meaning it’s part of the global academic review and life context is taken into account, this is all in the applicant manual). Your CARS score is quite low yes.......but people have been admitted with as low as 121 at the University of Calgary. What matters is that you were honest and genuine in your application because what would set you apart from other applicants is if you were YOURSELF. No life has the same exact experiences. If you were genuine, have a holistic application that shows altruism, compassion and care then I do not see why you would not get an interview. Keep your head up and if you don’t get an interview this year simply reload and shoot again. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. When the day comes that you do become a doctor you’ll need a mentality like that so just keep. At. It. 

  3. If all our transcripts haven’t been checked off in the system yet then I’m going to go with there’s just so much happening and working from home is creating a backlog. With all our transcripts coming from different institutions/locations, yet still having the same result I’d say my explanation is plausible. It’s no worries guys.

    sent mine on July 9th (Ottawa) and July 20th (Calgary)

  4. In the same boat. My Ucalgary transcripts got there (sent on the 22nd) but my Ottawa Transcripts (sent on July 10) have not been shown as received. I think because they are working from home and there are thousands of transcripts to  go over. I’m sure if you sent it in early july - mid August then all is well. Try not to stress. 

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