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  1. Thank you @Bruhmoment!!!! This definitely changes things. Does anyone have access to entrada?
  2. I’m going to reach out to student affairs as I’m in a situation where I will be moving to my site, and I’m nervous to leave behind my support system and connections to be in my room all day. I hope in the least student affairs can offer me some support through this. I definitely encourage other people to do this too if they are in a similar situation! Maybe if more people reach out they will get a better understanding of how this affects us
  3. I’m pretty dissapointed with the news of everything online since Ubc was getting my hopes up of there being more in person learning as we are expected to go to our sites... seems odd to me that I have to move to a new city to sit in my room all day :/ I hope they reconsider this!
  4. Has anyone heard ANYTHING regarding site switches since initial offers went out? I’m wondering if UBC hasn’t started giving out waitlist/site switch offers for VFMP yet due to covid (since it’s a bigger site) and they are trying to troubleshoot that issue? Since it’s different this year than other years by starting at your respective site, I feel like Ubc maybe has a last possible date to likely receive a site switch?
  5. Following the May 1st, May 10th email trend, do you guys think we might be getting an email today letting us know a May 8th DDay date???
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