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  1. Yeah, that would be a logical approach, I am still going to fire an email to the school. The language that they use on their website is very unclear, as opposed to other universities.
  2. Read this on UofT's website. I have some credit/no credit (CR/NCR) and pass/fail courses on my transcript. How will this factor in the wGPA calculation? CR/NCR and PASS/FAIL courses will be removed first, followed by the lowest grades overall to equal the number of FCEs you are eligible for. Not entirely sure what this means. Say, one has 5 courses per semester, but decides to PASS/FAIL one course per semester. Would that student still be eligible for wGPA? And if yes, the wGPA would be computed based on the best three grades? Appreciate it!
  3. Found this interesting information on **DELETED** If anybody has any other insights, please let me know ... Thanks!
  4. I am a current UofT student and consider applying to med schools in Ontario and/or McGill. Say that I have 4 graded courses and 1 PASS/FAIL course per semester. Would that be detrimental to my med school admission chances anywhere? Much appreciate it!
  5. Thanks Psych, I sure will! I have another question: what exactly are considered to be "units"? I am asking this because I am UofT student, and I am more used to FCEs, which are "full course equivalents". Would it be that 6 units = 1 FCE? Many thanks!
  6. Hi, did you get an interview with them? How do you know it was accepted? Appreciate it and many thanks!
  7. Hi, I saw that, recently, University of Ottawa Med School has changed the list of course requirements, which now lists the following: 6 units in humanities /Social Sciences 6 units in Biology or Physiology 3 units in Organic Chemistry 3 units in Chemistry 3 units in Biochemistry 3 units in Statistics My question is: is there a list of courses that would satisfy each prerequisite? I am a UofT student, entering now second year, and I have taken Intro into Organic Chemistry I CHM136H1 and was wondering if that would satisfy the requirement of (3 units
  8. Any thoughts on how we can boost our ECs during these pandemic times? Are there are any particular unwritten "pressures" to volunteer in specific settings in order to have better admission chances? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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