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  1. Putting this out there for posterity Applied + (PT or OT?): U of A OT (I like to live dangerously)Accepted: U of A OT Waitlisted: U of A OT (anxiety)Rejected:GPA:c-gpa: 3.63 and s-gpa: 3.72 (would have been much higher but I kinda screwed up a spring semester taking care of some stuff)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I did everything last second because I realized suddenly: "Huh. Maybe I should do something other than just randomly look for jobs after my degree. OT looks like an interesting field.". Essentially my academic reference was run of the mill but my volunte
  2. Me too homie. I'm also likely gonna be in Calgary as a native Calgarian.
  3. I suppose you were right; I just received my acceptance for u of A's OT a few hours ago! Thank you all for riding it out with me and I wish you all the best of luck!
  4. I have not heard of any movement last time I checked, I wonder if it's because they're slow to open up? I'm certain that at least some people must have declined their offer...
  5. So I emailed them today and they told me there's still been no movement. Hopefully things still work out!
  6. For reference's sake, My GPA was S:3.71 and C:3.6. I dunno what other things they weight on but just in case....
  7. I have only been told that I'm on the waitlist as well, but on the upper half. I would assume, for you, that they mean position 40-60? I haven't a clue for myself.
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