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  1. Alright. I just wanted to do an international mission to get a bit of travel in as well before university, I'm still doing ECs in Canada as well. Thank you for the advice.
  2. Hi, so I may have the opportunity to go on a wildlife conservation mission in Thailand or Bali, however, I can also choose to go on a medical mission/learning thing in Vietnam or India. The wildlife conservation mission is really cool and more hands on while the medical missions are more seminar and workshops. For medical school, which would be a better option? It seems intuitive that the medical mission would be the better choice, but I feel that it might be very standard (like many people have done it) whereas the elephant conservation mission may be more unique. Thoughts?
  3. For premed and med school, do they value competencies in foreign languages like French?
  4. Hi, could anyone explain what the general timeline is (ideally) for applying to medical school? Like what are the cycles and stuff? Thanks
  5. Isn't there a stigma around UofT dropping GPAs? Or is there so mitigating things med schools do to even that out? I went on a tour of UofT and the guide, albeit informal, spoke quite poorly about how the professors drop the grades so dramatically, it's kind of spooked me since.
  6. That helps a lot, thanks for offering to help out! It means a lot to me.
  7. @premed72 Thanks, I've been really interested, or more so severely anxious, about the whole process and getting into med school (irrational in high school I know).
  8. @Meridian Thank you for responding! I know about Mac Health sci and Western Med sci and I would definitely love to get in to either. But do you have any other programs you'd recommend?
  9. Hi, I'm still in high school and I'm looking at which "premed" program to apply to next year that focuses on preparing students for medicine. I know that any program is good as long as you can get a good GPA and high MCAT scores, but are they any specific programs (in Canada) that gear specifically towards premed? Thanks in advance!
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