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  1. Result: rejected Timestamp: email at 8:55 am wGPA/cGPA: 3.99 MCAT: 511 Essays: wrote them quickly and only had a few people review them Interview: not my best interview but thought I showed my passions well In-person or Virtual: in person Year: gap year Geography: international
  2. Hello! Does anyone know if/how much the international student waitlist moves? I am #3 but they only have two seats for international students so im not sure if I have a realistic chance or not. Fingers crossed because McGill would be amazing!!!
  3. Being the neurotic premed that I am, I emailed the office asking when they send out international acceptances and they responded with: Thank you for your inquiry. We will be releasing all the decisions on the MD applications on May 12, 2020. So I think only the MD/PhD decisions come out early. There is still hope!
  4. That's weird! I never got an email and my OMSAS choices/offers section does not show anything at all. I thought I would hear May 12th with everyone else, they never told me otherwise. Fingers crossed it's not an R! Toronto would be a dream come true!
  5. I have not received anything yet, did the international MD students get emails?
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