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  1. Any idea what the success rate of the program is? Did any of your classmates fail any subjects?
  2. I’m going to do the same. Using the line of credit only if needed.
  3. Say if only had 54 credits in your third and fourth year they would use an average of your second year to calculate your SGpa, not just take the 6 credits you need to add to 60. If you had some low marks in your second year this would affect your gpa.
  4. From what I understand is they use blocks of years. So if they have to use part of a school year to make up the 60 credits they will average that year not just take the credits needed to add to 60.
  5. Mine said that at first because it’s awaiting confirmation of your credit card payment. I think mine took about two days to say payment approved.
  6. For those of you that have accepted your offer from UofT OT, did you get an email after you paid your deposit? I didn’t and my account shows a credit. Getting nervous that I did something wrong.
  7. I will be at the Mississauga campus. Will you be in Toronto? I really didn’t think I had a chance of getting in so didn’t even choose a preference for campus. Regardless, just so happy to be accepted.
  8. For those of you accepted to UofT OT from OOP, are you planning on moving in September? Since the first term is online do you think it’s necessary? The only downside for me would be the 3 hr time difference here in B.C.
  9. Need help deciding. What’s your thoughts on this campus vs St George?
  10. I was accepted to UofT OT at the Mississauga campus. Anyone else accepted there? Also, anyone have thoughts on this campus vs St George.
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