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  1. I believe in previous years people were called during week 1
  2. Like everyone else will say, the program doesn’t matter. Make sure it allows you to get all the prerequisites, and make sure the schools you want accept that degree. For example some American schools want to see science degrees. Also keep in mind that you need to prepare yourself for dental school. While just getting in requires only prerequisites, a life or health sciences program prepares you for the courses you’ll see in dental school. That way it’s not as shocking when you actually get there! The route I took was a health Sci degree at a smaller university, that way there was more time for
  3. Yes you’re right about the 6/10. I don’t believe lab credits count, for me labs were included in the main course so I think they correspond with the lecture part if that makes sense?
  4. That’s the same AA I got into western with. Your scores are around what everybody I’ve talked to got!
  5. In previous years they went out in March and there’s never really a set date. Last year they went out on a Monday so I’d say sometime during the week of the 25
  6. Last year the interview was a “3 person panel” but prerecorded so we never actually met the interviewers. Honestly just prep like you would for any other interview I.e. going through question banks and learning how to structure an answer/what specific topics you want to talk about as potential examples (a lot of people said that prepping for an MMI type interview helped them with schulich’s, even though it’s not MMI).
  7. Get really good at using scientific notation and the multiplication and division of numbers is way easier!
  8. Oh that’s SUPER weird that it’s even an option then!!
  9. I believe the test can only be submitted to schools that require a score on it.
  10. You need to have the 4th year completed in order for it to be dropped. I.e. you can’t be in your 4th year
  11. You absolutely can move your test booklet all around to rank the angles hahah the only big rule is that you can’t flip to a different section of the book.
  12. I used only the Kaplan book and supplemented the chemistry with Olmstead’s chemistry book for first years. If you did well in first year chem and bio you’ll have an excellent foundation to do well on the DAT! I would recommend maybe getting a program for the PAT section (I used the Kaplan book as well for strategies on how to do it, but could have used more practise with actual problems). I would recommend using American resources as well as canadian for the RC section, as it seems like the RC is going in the direction of being more like the American RC in terms of questions they ask (I preppe
  13. You’ll be okay! I had an anatomy prerequisite in the winter semester of my 4th year, and just had to submit my final transcript by June 30th! They just want them to be completed by the end of the winter semester
  14. Pick what you like most! I personally found that doing health sciences (I think it would be similar to life sci), but supplementing with core sciences made me really prepared for interviews, as well as jobs I had working in healthcare before I got into dental! Life sciences allows you to apply the “hard” sciences with patient and world perspectives, which is where I see the big difference in people from either degree!
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