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  1. Of course!! Before accepting my offer I also thought it was the entire curriculum. I was like what do profs do if students are doing everything.....? LOL, but no definitely not. It’s just PBT, and it’s hard at first but so rewarding. Welcome to the Mac PT fam reach out if you need anything!
  2. Hi there! Current Mac student here To add to what was already mentioned, PBL is typically used in problem based tutorials (PBT) which is one course out of 4-5 courses you take in a unit. All the other courses are your typical didactic learning style where the professor gives a lecture. It’s just pbt where the class is divided into groups of ~6 students that meet twice a week with a tutor (who is either a physio in the community or a prof in the program). During the tutorial, we open a case scenario every 2-3 weeks (For a total of about 5 case scenarios in a unit), we create learning obj
  3. Applied (all PT): McMaster, McGill (QY), UBC, Western, Queens, Dalhousie Accepted: McGill QY, McMaster (was waitlisted at #3) Waitlisted: Rejected: UBC, Western, Queens, Dalhousie GPA: cgpa- 3.66/4.0, sgpa- 3.65/4.0 Perceived strengths: I think it's obvious that the biggest weakness in my application was my sGPA (third year in my undergrad was really tough for a lot of reasons), so I think I made up for that in my CASPer, resume, and video statement (for McGill) and Kira (for Mcmaster) which ultimately were the reasons I got in both universities. I also had experi
  4. Thank you! I was #3 on the waitlist. I'm honestly not sure why they would tell me that it's unlikely to receive an offer a few days before they accept me. Nevertheless, I'm super excited about getting it cause Mac is my first choice. Good luck to your friend and looking forward to meeting you too!
  5. Got off Mac's PT waitlist today!! I received the email around 4pm
  6. I'm honestly not expecting an offer anymore (I'm also pretty high on the waitlist). I sent them an email 2 days ago asking if there was any waitlist movement and they replied "We have not released additional offers, so it is unlikely that you will hear from us, unfortunately" and then proceeded to encourage me to apply again next year. Not sure if that's their way to reject people on the waitlist nicely, or they're just fed up with me sending weekly emails, lol.
  7. well update: I emailed them back asking if they're at full capacity and they replied "Correct, we are currently at full capacity, so we are not in a position to release additional offers at this time."
  8. For anyone on Mac’s PT waitlist, I emailed them yesterday asking when we can expect them to contact us and they replied “We have not released any offers to applicants on the waitlist at this time. If a spot becomes available for you, you will be contacted within the next couple of weeks”
  9. Hey, Thank you! My cGPA is 3.66/4 (my ORPAS sGPA is 3.65, but i don't know if McGill takes into account the extra courses I took to upgrade my GPA so i'm not quite sure how they calculated my sGPA) and I have approximately 250 hours of volunteering in PT clinics and shadowing PTs, OTs, PTAs, and kinesiologists in 3 physiotherapy clinics (2 of which are mainly sports injury clinics and one is neurophysiotherapy). I also worked at the children's hospital as an interpreter, and a lot of interpretations were between pediatric PTs and patients, so I also kind of observed/have some knowledge of
  10. Hey! I can’t answer your second and third questions, but as for your first one, I took NUTR331 (Nutrition for Health) at Athabasca and it was interesting and quite easy from my experience (but my undergrad was very heavy in physiology, biology, and chemistry courses so I probably had an unfair advantage compared to other students). The course is a self-paced course that you have to finish within 6 months. It took me 2.5 months to finish while I was taking 4 other courses (and that speaks volumes of how easy I found it). Although there is a book you need to purchase/study, the main ma
  11. Rejected from Queens (just received the email) and western, and waitlisted at Mac (PT). if I’m in the top 5 of the waitlist at Mac, is it safe to assume that I will get an offer?
  12. I did apply to UBC and Dalhousie, but I was rejected unfortunately (and I expected it to be honest). UBC and Dalhousie's prerequisites were closer to Ontario's, so I was able to apply (UBC did require English and Physics extra though from what I remember). I personally found McGill's application process easier. McGill has a lower cut-off GPA and also gets less applicants (~350-400 applicants as opposed to 700-1000 in Ontario). I assume it's because 1) the program is about a semester longer than other schools 2) you don't get accepted immediately into the master's degree, rather you get in
  13. Hey! I'm from Ontario as well. I would say one thing I wished I paid attention to earlier is the prerequisites because they usually require more prerequisites than Ontario's regular anat, phgy, etc (for example, UofA requires courses in Canadian Indigenous History and human movement; both of which are not required in Ontario). I wasn't able to apply to a couple of universities solely because of the prerequisites that I didn't have, so if you're planning to take extra courses, I'd say keep that in mind! This year was my second time applying. I got an acceptance from McGill, but I prefer t
  14. Hi everyone, since I saw a lot of people post about not hearing back from Dal PT, I just wanted to share that I received the rejection letter from them on May 15 (I’m OOP), so if you didn’t hear back, you still have a chance! Good luck!
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