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  1. I'm in the same position right now too! I just finished my second year and am having trouble deciding as well. I like the idea of having my own practice and setting my own hours to accommodate my lifestyle because I'm more of a family-oriented person (which is what draws me to both dentistry and optometry). I hope other people who were in a similar situation reply so we can gain more insight into how they decided one profession over the other :) 

  2. Hello, 

    I know that Waterloo outlines a minimum of 8 hours required shadowing an optometrist but I was wondering how many hours is considered ideal? They do point out on the admissions website that most applicants have many more hours than the minimum but I was hoping someone could quantify exactly how many hours candidates normally have when applying. The optometrist I'm shadowing this summer asked me how many hours I would want to spend in the practice so I was hoping someone could help me out, especially if you've already applied or have been accepted to Waterloo!

    Thanks :) 

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