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  1. If your program has some sort of roommate spreadsheet, you can start by scrolling through it and seeing which people might have similar interests as you. If you're adventurous, you could start by messaging those people and be like "hey, seems like you're interested in ____, I am too!", and begin a conversation from there. While it might seem really awkward, keep in mind that most people are probably feeling the same way as you (they WANT to meet people) - and you taking the initiative to reach out gives you bonus points. At this point in our lives, especially given the online start, no on
  2. just for accountability's sake maybe like respond to your school with screenshots of what you see when you log in - obviously frame it respectfully
  3. i think OMSAS for the "past" cycle is already removed You should ask your school how you can "accept" the offer if the portal isn't there anymore; in the meanwhile you can try calling/livechatting OMSAS - i think the response time might be faster than if you were to email Edit: in the past I believe if you got off a waitlist, you first "accept" the offer via email from the school, and then the school uploads the offer onto OMSAS for you to accept a couple days later. So not sure how that would work now if OMSAS isn't even there lol
  4. Most schools require you to have OSAP/federal loans to qualify for the in-school bursaries/financial aid. Supposedly it demonstrates to the school that you are in "financial need"
  5. Technically depends on your school requirements...
  6. I don't feel like there is a need to prove anyone right or wrong here. Don't get me wrong - your opinion is valued, but there exists a line in which it can be seen that you're shaming/disrespecting those that accept the Mac offer... I mean all the respect when I say this, but if you don't like the way Mac conducted their admissions this year, simply take an offer somewhere else and let it be. Let's not ruin the day for anyone, especially for those that weren't as lucky to receive multiple offers - or even an offer off the bat.
  7. Does anyone with a Mac offer have one of the regional campuses? It seems like all Mac offers right now are for the main campus, which leads me to think that either: 1. The regional campus offers have not been sent out or 2. The offers out right now are only for the top 100 (for some reason...), and the lottery picks are to come later today.
  8. prob because you only accepted and haven't started, you will be able to drop out. However, you'll probably lose your deposit
  9. Possible reasons: - proximity to family (existing housing in hamilton, etc...) - familiarity (undergrad at mac, knows researchers/faculty, community, etc...) - 3 year - couples avoiding long distance relationships - only offer - pbl - for the memes
  10. I think with any subset of a population (in this case, mac students/grads), there will definitely be supporters, but also opponents. I've talked to current upper year Mac students, and many think isn't the ideal solution given the circumstances. So I think it goes both ways.
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