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  1. I finished PA school recently and started working in emerg (as part of the psych team) and cardiology. I work and manage a bunch of R1-R5s at various stages of their residency and all of them talk about debt, the CaRMS process being flawed and the ?subpar pay post-residency. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding where they're coming from, since conversations with attendings and RNs reveal they're being paid pretty well. For example, emerg docs are the highest billing at the hospital I'm at (500k+), psychiatrists are making 360k+ with no overhead, cardiologists are making 400k+, hospital in
  2. Current PA-S2 here, I can echo the sentiment provided by the people here. The nursing union is really preventing the use of PAs in Ontario and its concerning that the government doesn't recognize the work of PAs even during the pandemic. There have been issues with funding but most people are doing okay in their respective positions. Not sure how long it'll last though, since most of the people in ER/ICU are employed but fam med and subspecialties are seeing drawbacks (endocrinology PAs have been let go where I was on placement, possible other specialties too but not sure about others). Its no
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