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  1. Thanks! A cars course? Where did you find that?
  2. Thank you!!! And yes I am IP, and my GPA is very competitive so I’m really just hoping to get a 126-129 ish
  3. Hey all!! Im applying to Canadian medical schools this upcoming July (2020)! I come from a less traditional premed background (nursing)! I was wondering if anyone had tips/tricks to studying for the CARS section of the MCAT, and what ressources you found were the best to help you (kaplan, EK, Princeton.....). I decided because of my background to only write the CARS section. If I score a 123, I can apply to McMasters, although I need much higher to be competitive, and I need a 128 if I want to apply to UofCalgary! Any suggestions/tips would help!!! Also does anyone know if its common to get in
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