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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to put this but did anyone else apply to MUN's MPH and is still waiting to hear back? Or has anyone heard anything? The school says it should take 2-3 months to get results and today marks the last day of month 3. I'll probably email them tomorrow if I don't hear anything just to make sure my application got considered but was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat or has other information on it.
  2. not to mention we might be getting a dump of snow tomorrow! I wouldn't be surprised if the school closes.
  3. They also said at one point that they interviewed more people than they have before so I don't know if those two factors might even out. It's tough to tell with such it being such a weird year!
  4. especially in a pandemic! I feel like normally I'm pretty good at keeping myself distracted from waits like this but with most of my usual extracurriculars being cancelled and school being online it's been exceptionally hard to keep my mind off it
  5. The email says 3b is due November 4th and 3a is November 6th but in the actual portal, the deadlines for both 3a and 3b are listed as November 6th. I uploaded 3b today to be safe!
  6. Am I crazy or did the website used to say that the Casper cutoff was 1 (or maybe 1.5?) standard deviations below the mean but now says it "will be adjusted annually depending on interview capacity and the size of the applicant pool"? For some reason I thought that they had a specified number before.
  7. That would be pretty wild! I'm personally hoping they'll interview because they've already said interview is worth 40% so it'll suck if they change the application scoring on us.
  8. I'm applying to Dal this year and got an email about it but I'm not totally sure what it is or how it's different from the actual test
  9. Wow thank you guys so much for the responses! I had never heard of that residency before but after seeing what you guys have written and doing some research myself it sounds very cool and right up my ally! Especially since I was already considering Family Medicine, it's awesome that you can become certified in it through the residency. The only thing I'm disappointed in is that Dal doesn't have PHPM as a residency (I'm Nova Scotian, hoping to get into Dal Med, and wouldn't have minded the option to stay here for residency as well). When looking at the schools that offer the PHPM residency, I s
  10. I'm looking to apply to Med school for fall 2021 entry - I've already written my MCAT and feel I've got a decent shot at it. I've always wanted to be a doctor as I've loved the high-pressure first aid situations that I've experienced as a Lifeguard and I enjoy scientific problem solving as well as helping people the best I can. I really want to have one on one personal interactions with the public in my job. The only thing is that over the past few years, I've become extremely interested in health policy. I've started to really think deeply about the way the healthcare system works and all the
  11. I just got waitlisted as well! I know they won't disclose rank but does anyone know how many people they keep on the waitlist?
  12. I wonder if they're waiting for OMSAS to release the med admissions tomorrow to see if anyone rejects the offer.
  13. I don't think so! There's still a week until mid-May so I'm holding out hope haha
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