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  1. Super excited! Accepted IP GPA: 89.5% DAT: 23 PAT, 23 AA ECs: shadowing, research, volunteering
  2. thank for your reply. quick question, what do you put down for the destination email in SSC?
  3. @toothurty and @Maggiie19 thank you for your responses
  4. @Maggiie19 I am aware of that! I was referring to the waiting period between the Canadian and American DAT.
  5. I understand that you must wait at least 90 day to retake the American DAT. Does this apply to the Canadian DAT as well? if you took the American DAT earlier, do you need to wait 90 day before being eligible to take the CANADIAN DAT?
  6. Hello everyone, I am planning to write the cDAT this November and apply to UBC. However, I just noticed on their website that all interviews will be sent out by Jan 2021. My understanding is that it takes about 2 month to receive the DAT scores. Does anyone know if writing the cDAT might actually hurt your chances since there may not be sufficient time for UBC to receive/review your DAT score before the interview? thank you
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