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  1. Hello, Has anyone here done an MPH, and then pursued med school? Or is currently in an MPH program and thinking of applying to med? I'm starting my MPH at McMaster this fall and wanted to receive some advice from someone who is/been in the same shoes! Thank you!
  2. Hey! Is there any official confirmation that UofT will be using Winter 2020 grades for gpa calculation this upcoming cycle? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey! I'm really sensitive to noise and my family is really loud, which makes it hard for me to study/sleep sometimes bc I need complete silence. Any reccomendations on effective noice reducing apparatuses? (e.g. any good brand of noise cancelling headphones, white noise machines if they work). I've trying ear plugs but I can still hear people in my house (the highest sound reduction I can find is 33db, not sure if theres higher ones out there) Thanks in advance
  4. Exactly! I understand that accomodations are necessary and the pandemic really did affect people's mental health and overall ability to maintain their academics (among other things), but simply dropping the entire Winter 2020 semester disregards the fact that people actually worked hard for their grades for the 1st half of the semester. It also assumes that people react similarly to such conditions. Even though some schools offered to convert graded courses to pass/fail options, some people still chose the graded option, which I think is fair to say, requires more time/ effort (obviously this
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