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  1. I may not be much help since I only did one year of my nursing program (I switched to biochem after a year). I think as ceelbe said, it depends on if you would be happy sticking with nursing if medicine doesn't work out. Personally, I went into nursing as a possible back up plan but, after a year, I could not see myself pursuing nursing if medicine didn't work out so I decided to switch to biochem. Also, I quickly realized the grading was super subjective and it would most likely have a negative impact on my GPA so I opted to switch right after first year. If nursing is not a good back up plan
  2. I’m starting 2nd year at Dal in September, you can message me if you have any questions about the program, faculty, or Halifax
  3. I have outstanding debts (NSLSC - Federal and Provincial, and I had a LOC with my previous bank that I paid off with my Scotia LOC) and was able to get the maximum stated on their website. However, I do not have OSAP so I can't comment on that.
  4. I'm with Scotia and I didn't need a cosigner (although I was working full time before starting dental school, but I am not working at the moment). There's a list of reps on their website under "SPSP Line of Credit -- Contact Us" (it will download a pdf) https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/small-business/business-banking/line-of-credit/spsp-line-of-credit.html
  5. Je suis présentement en première année et je suis en accord avec ce que mdd et keipop ont dit ... le nombre de crédit veut rien dire. J'ai des cours de 3 crédits (même un cours de 1 crédit) qui sont plus chargé qu'un de mes cours de 6 crédits! Malgré qu'à mon université, la plupart de mes cours sont 3 crédits, seulement quelques-uns de 1 ou 6 crédits.
  6. I know of at least three people from a French-speaking medical school who left (2 voluntary, 1 non-voluntary). I think the two voluntary ones pursued teaching (one had received her MD and wants to teach in med school if I remember correctly).
  7. I have not graduated yet, I'm just finishing my first year. But I'm an OOP student and plan on returning to my home province as soon as I'm done. The main reason is to be closer to my family and my partner's family. But there's also a lot more job opportunities there, especially in my first language.
  8. 100% d'accord! Tout le monde a ses préférences
  9. Good luck to everyone who is interviewing in the coming weeks!!
  10. From what I've read on this forum (I have not applied to any of these so I could be wrong), it seems like most of these schools have wGPA which could definitely benefit you. I would go through each school and look at the admissions requirement on the websites and calculate your wGPA for each. It will give you a better idea of where you stand.
  11. We brought in our prescription, gave it to the person that was measuring us and they put our prescription in the lenses. Not sure what they did for the magnification though but I can see perfectly with mine, no problem (my prescription is about -1.5 in one eye).
  12. I'm in dentistry and need to wear my glasses with face shield when I'm not using my loupes. I had that issue and it's definitely annoying. I bought a strap (?) that goes around the back of my head like bread mentioned. It fixed most of the problem (at least they don't fall off my face anymore), but it causes another; either I put the band tight and it hurts my head or I leave it a bit loose and the glasses slide a bit which feels uncomfortable. I figure this problem would be less annoying if you wear metal frames with plastic nose pieces like bread mentioned.
  13. Which Canadian universities? Some (most) of them have wGPA formula that could work in your favor. From what I've heard, a Master's degree does not really help in terms of GPA boosting but I could be wrong (please someone correct me if I'm wrong).
  14. I have hear that grades are very important to get accepted in an ortho specialty in Canada, especially since there are not a lot of spots. Does anyone have any stats?
  15. For Ottawa, OP can apply in the Francophone stream, and as someone pointed out, the GPA cut-off is based on geographical location so I think OP's cut-off would be about 3.87/4.0 for last 3 full-time years. For NOSM, you can select that you're French on the application (I applied a few years ago) but it doesn't really give you an advantage. If you choose this option, you will get opportunities to work in French communities and such. Also, they add 0.2 to the UG GPA for applicants with Graduate degrees.
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