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  1. If you're willing to go a bit further from the school, rent is pretty decent. 3+ bedrooms for less than $2000. Perfect if you want to share with other students.
  2. I took the DAT in a city that was 3+ hours away. And I'm not sure if it's the same, but I took the MCAT in a different province and it was not a problem.
  3. Quand j'ai fais le test en novembre 2019, c'etait le prix de base (je ne me souviens pas combien, mais probablement autour de $360) + x$ pour la partie manuelle (elle n'est pas comprise dans le prix de base). Le prix de base inclut seulement la partie perceptuelle et les sciences (et partie compréhension écrite pour le test anglais, mais je ne suis pas certaine si le test francais inclut une partie compréhension écrite).
  4. I was never been great in sciences (physics + math) in high school either, even when I did try. And I struggled in math + physics in university as well. All I was trying to say is that even if you did poorly in high school, it doesn't always mean you will do poorly in university
  5. Although I do agree that GPA is very important for dentistry, your high school grades are not always indicative of your university GPA. I did not do that well in high school (I guess I didn't really care about my grades at that time) and in my first two years of university. However, I worked really hard for the next 4ish years and got decent grades. Applied to a university that only looks at last 60 credits and got accepted. I think it really depends on the person. eta: I want to elaborate and say that what I meant by "I didn't really care about my grades at that time" is that I didn't re
  6. Allo! J'ai un parcours similaire (pour med) sauf que je n'habite pas au Québec donc je n'ai pas été au Cégep. Je n'ai pas eu des bonnes notes dans mes premières années à l'université ce qui a vraiment affecté mes chances pour med a UdeM, ULaval et Sherb. J'ai essayé pendant plusieurs années, et même si j'ai eu de très bonnes notes dans mes dernières années universitaires, ce n'était malheureusement pas assez pour être acceptée. Mais, drôlement, j'ai eu un "change of heart" l'été passé et j'ai réalisé que med n'était pas pour moi et que mon rêve était vraiment med dent (j'ai perdu plusieurs ann
  7. I agree with offmychestplease. Is there any dental specialties that would interest you?
  8. It’s normal. I’ve had three Ottawa interviews (a few years ago) and 2 of them were during the week (Wednesday and Friday, one around 10am and the other around 2pm, if I remember correctly). The other one was a Saturday.
  9. Wow, very impressive! Congrats Unfortunately, I do not have any parental support and scholarships/financial aid are not sufficient so I will most like finish dental school with about 300k of debt (I already had a bit before starting dental school, but with $50,000/year tuition, it adds up quickly).
  10. Take a deep breath and open the email As someone who applied multiple times to med school before having a change of heart (yay dentistry!), I completely understand the anxiety that comes with opening that email after several rejections. But no matter what that email says, you should be proud of yourself! Crossing my fingers you receive positive news
  11. Last year we received news mid-April and interviews were the first two weeks of May. I think usually people hear back around March, but I'm not sure.
  12. Oh yes, that’s true! I completely forgot about that. Thank you for correcting me
  13. All Canadian universities have interviews for dentistry
  14. You are setting yourself up for a lot of anxiety in regards to your grades if you think having 3.9 in one course is bad... speaking from experience. A 3.9 in one class will definitely not decrease your chances of getting into dental school. I had a pretty low GPA (cGPA was around 3.2 and wGPA around 3.9) and got accepted this year, so don’t lose hope. And dropping a course at this point in the semester, especially because you are expecting a 3.9, is a very bad idea! Keep working hard! The semester is almost over
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