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  1. Hey, yeah! The email basically just tells you they can’t offer you admission so I’m guessing if you don’t get it you’re on the waitlist?
  2. Rejection email from uoft! ORPAS cgpa: 3.92 and sGPA 3.96 for future applicants
  3. I have a sGPA of 3.96 on ORPAS too and just really trying to be optimistic rn. Hopefully Friday brings some good news for us!
  4. Anyone else not seeing the invite on acorn and lowkey freaking out? Haha
  5. Hey, I also applied to UofT for OT and I don't have any invite notification on ACORN! So I dont think its the default. From what I've read in past forums, an invite on ACORN does usually mean you've been accepted into the program. Congrats!!
  6. Hey, when I was activating my account I remember it asked for my ORPAS number? So I’m assuming it’s the right account. But I also have that message on my account!
  7. Has anyone's ACORN who applied to OT at UofT updated yet? I have access to my ACORN account because I applied there for my bachelors and I recieved an email back then on how to activate my ACORN!
  8. I think it’s for both OT and PT. I’m not sure if they will send out emails to set up your ACORN before the offer date but I’m assuming they don’t. If you’ve applied to UofT before (for undergrad maybe) or you currently study there, you should already have the login info for your ACORN.
  9. Hey, from my understanding no one on this forum has heard back from UofT yet! I’ve noticed that UofT tends to update the registration status on ACORN a few days before the official offer date, which is usually a sign that you’ve been accepted into the program. If you’ve been a previous applicant at UofT or are currently a student there, you should have access to your ACORN account! Otherwise, they haven’t sent any email specifically for OT/PT applicants to make an account.
  10. I've been lurking past forums and noticed that UofT will change the registration status on ACORN early in May if you've been accepted to OT/PT. Has anyone's registration status changed yet?
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