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  1. With scotiabank do you need to get an LOC in order to get the preferred chequing account and gold amex/visa infinite card or can you get those without an LOC?
  2. What is the best credit card for Canadian medical students. I am basically just look at whatever will save me the most money in the long run (whether its through cash back or travel rewards).
  3. I dont see why it would be a joke. I invested all 315,000 of the LOC into companies like MX, CVE, SCL, AC, MFC, MFI, OTEX, BMO, TFII, AQN, T, XIT. Among a few others (I'm canadian) Take a look at those stocks and see if it would be possible to make a little bit less than 50% return on those stocks if I invested around March 20. I saw my opportunity and I took it. I am still not satisfied and hope to reach 300,000 by early next year. Didn't do anything crazy either, just bought and held. Oil stocks gave me biggest returns (and tech stocks), I plan on selling some of my tech stocks (they mo
  4. Can you explain how 2020 is more like 1930? That makes no sense. The best predictor of a modern day crash and recession would be 2008 but then you have to consider the fact that this is more caused by a pandemic. As someone who has monitored the markets closely, every time good news comes out about reopening the economy or vaccine news comes out the markets shoot up. I think that things actually look promising that a vaccine will come out by early next year. I would expect markets to shoot up then possibly close to pre-pandemic levels (likely a little bit below). Now the question becomes infla
  5. I got a 315,000 line of credit for this exact purpose and invested it at the low around March 20. I'm up almost 150,000 now and I invested pretty safely in my opinion.
  6. Still no response? I got one other than just the automated email last year the day after I confirmed my position. I guess they may be behind this year with the Covid pandemic.
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