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  1. I think around 9! Not totally sure though!
  2. My friend in the program told me that there were many people who deferred their acceptances last year - so apparently they let in less people this year to account for the deferrals! Such a bummer and seems a little unfair, but it’s the way she goes I guess!
  3. Does anyone have any insight on the availability of pediatric placements in the Ontario schools? I’m super interested in working with kids with autism so wondering if one school has more potential for peds placements than the others?
  4. I’m from BC but got waitlisted at UBC, however I was accepted to U of A, U of T, McMaster, and Queens. I still have to decide which school I’d like, but it’s certainly possible that I pick an Ontario school over U of A!
  5. Honestly I emailed Kelly about a question I had about my application this year and received a rather rude response... it made me decide not to apply to Dal at all. I really hope your situation gets resolved!!
  6. No I have a friend in the program and they let me know
  7. I was waitlisted at #10 this year! Last year I applied and was waitlisted at #19 and didn’t end up getting an offer. I heard between 14-16 people got in off the waitlist last year, so we will see!
  8. Can you message me too please? I’m also on the waitlist
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