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  1. I wanted to add that I also just received an acceptance ! Good luck guys, rooting for those of you still waiting!
  2. My thought is that there was a bigger bin 1 (aka more people got the top interview score this year -hence the few left who got accepted yesterday). I’m guessing that it is usually smaller and they take people from the top score and then some 4.0-3.99s from the second score (which is bin 1 on the waitlist). I just find it hard for “more reporting” to be the entire picture because last year there was 1 person (maybe 2) with a 3.99 on the waitlist and I don’t remember seeing anyone saying they got a 4.0. I DO think that more people reported this year though
  3. If you have gmail click the 3 dots and then click original email or something like that and then command f for creation time. Not sure about outlook but I think someone wrote how to do it somewhere here Your created time is prob somewhere in the 9:07s
  4. It could be possible that the 2 people with the 3.9 and 3.92 are in the highest bin (those that got straight acceptances) but just missed it at the end by a few spots?
  5. I wouldn't give up just yet!!! we don't even know if the theory will hold true this year
  6. According to other people, not typically (maybe some with the really high GPAs), but thats also assuming that the theory is right and knowing how unpredictable this whole process is, I would not take all this speculation (the theories lol) too seriously because you never know
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