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  1. Definitely get an M1 model, and I'd suggest springing for the extra RAM. Will make it last a bit longer down the line, and you can't add any once its purchased. Should DEFINITELY NOT get an intel model though. They're phasing that out, and you don't wanna be caught unsupported.
  2. I don't think MD Financial pays for them anymore. They haven't been on the bag since 2017.
  3. Posting late, and only to help make sure other low GPA applicants don't give up! Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 8:36 AM (D-Day) cGPA: 3.69 CARS: 130 CASPer: It felt fine. I honestly think if you're a well rounded person who can articulate their thoughts, its not that bad! MMI interview thoughts: Both. Wow, what a frustrating journey. First the lottery fiasco, then my synchronous interview which despite losing 2 min/station, I thought was relatively smooth and ok. The asynchronous didn't feel as good, but I guess that's how it is when there isn't
  4. They had 600 interviewees this year though, so it's closer to 50% now. As to IP/OOP, that only matter for getting the interview. From here on out its just 15% GPA, 15% CARS, 70% MMI. Oh and a lot of luck.
  5. Not a mac student, so I can't comment, but I've been around long enough to remember hearing about this occurrence in the past - and it meant nothing. Feel free to peruse the #buttongate threads from last year if you want to see some primo neuroticism that amounted to nothing.
  6. Wow, is there an actual study for this published? If so, could you link it? Or is this just data collected from forum posts etc?
  7. I really doubt they would look. I wouldn't click suspect links I can't trust myself. DOI is different, since it's just numbers you can type into google/PubMed
  8. Yes, but if this applicant isn't defending in this academic year, then they are ineligible for admission at UofT, as you cannot simply abandon your graduate program in which you are already enrolled.
  9. OMSAS doesn't pull your MCAT score until October 6, 2020 at the earliest.
  10. Haha sorry for the ninja. Yeah, we'll see I guess. I am personally not writing it again, so it doesn't matter so much for me - I would just love some clarification on whether it is a full re-application with re-use of scores, or just a token interview being added to their otherwise normal interview cohort of ~550. It has massive implications for post-interview scoring/rank list.
  11. Sorry, you are correct. I guess the email may clarify - if you're taking it again for other schools, don't send it to us? Who knows. That's just my guess though. They did say they're going to send us a follow-up email RE: casper, so hopefully we get some more info then.
  12. I think we'll get more information when they email us RE: Casper. If they mention re-using scores, it will seem that we are just "re-applying", and theoretically qualifying for an interview again. If we don't make the normal cut, they'll give us a spot anyway. This will have to be clarified regardless, since some people will be re-writing casper for other schools, so they'll let us know whether to release only to other schools or Mac as well. Unfortunately, until that email comes (it may soon, since OMSAS 2021 opens tomorrow), we won't know for sure. EDIT: changed info RE:
  13. Right. But I guess what I'm trying to figure out if we are being simply added to the ~550 standard interviews, or are they re-using Casper+newGPA+new CARS to see if we qualify, take top 550, and give an interview to anyone who didn't make the cut.
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