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  1. Wow, is there an actual study for this published? If so, could you link it? Or is this just data collected from forum posts etc?
  2. I really doubt they would look. I wouldn't click suspect links I can't trust myself. DOI is different, since it's just numbers you can type into google/PubMed
  3. Yes, but if this applicant isn't defending in this academic year, then they are ineligible for admission at UofT, as you cannot simply abandon your graduate program in which you are already enrolled.
  4. OMSAS doesn't pull your MCAT score until October 6, 2020 at the earliest.
  5. Haha sorry for the ninja. Yeah, we'll see I guess. I am personally not writing it again, so it doesn't matter so much for me - I would just love some clarification on whether it is a full re-application with re-use of scores, or just a token interview being added to their otherwise normal interview cohort of ~550. It has massive implications for post-interview scoring/rank list.
  6. Sorry, you are correct. I guess the email may clarify - if you're taking it again for other schools, don't send it to us? Who knows. That's just my guess though. They did say they're going to send us a follow-up email RE: casper, so hopefully we get some more info then.
  7. I think we'll get more information when they email us RE: Casper. If they mention re-using scores, it will seem that we are just "re-applying", and theoretically qualifying for an interview again. If we don't make the normal cut, they'll give us a spot anyway. This will have to be clarified regardless, since some people will be re-writing casper for other schools, so they'll let us know whether to release only to other schools or Mac as well. Unfortunately, until that email comes (it may soon, since OMSAS 2021 opens tomorrow), we won't know for sure. EDIT: changed info RE:
  8. Right. But I guess what I'm trying to figure out if we are being simply added to the ~550 standard interviews, or are they re-using Casper+newGPA+new CARS to see if we qualify, take top 550, and give an interview to anyone who didn't make the cut.
  9. So are they re-using Casper as well? Are we essentially re-applying, but if we didn't make the cut, we get an interview anyway?
  10. I'd agree with you, except we don't have to re-write Casper - so unless they're pulling the Casper score from previous cycle, or just the pre-interview score overall, it feels to me like its 550+X guarantees. Which is not ideal.
  11. And there it is. Thanks for playing folks! Hopefully see you all in the "Accepted" Thread on May 11th, 2021!
  12. I agree 100%. I'm just saying the lottery gave 30 people (theoretically) offers from the top 100 at mac who would not have received offers otherwise (according to Mac's model). So I'm only suggesting that those extra 30 are unlikely to shift multiple schools WL dramatically. Not that this year hasn't been an absolute roller coaster - difficult for everyone, regardless of situations.
  13. That's still only 30 people though. Unlikely to have such a meaningful impact on reduced WL movement across multiple schools. We'll never really know what happened this year, though I am looking forward to the CFMS (sp?) stats when they're released in a few years time, to confirm lower WL movement, vs. just apparent sampling bias.
  14. Agreed, I think that calculator skews massively positive. Much like percentiles, have to remember that each step moving up the rank list is progressively harder. Jumping from 50th to 75th percentile is relatively easy, but jumping into the to 90th from 75th is exponentially harder. (And you have to make the 90th cut to get an offer).
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