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  1. For those who are still waiting, there is definitely still hope! According to the email, it seems that each school in Ontario receives a report from OUAC which lets them know which students haven't accepted an offer yet. That could explain why there wasn't any movement last Thursday/Friday and suggest that offers will may be sent earlier in the week on Mondays.
  2. yaaas same!!! one door closes and another one opens!!!! THE CIRCLE OF LIFE △!
  3. Got off the waitlist 2:06pm getting groceries right now almost dropped my egg whites!!
  4. my new exercise routine is working out my finger and wrist by mashing the refresh button on my email & this thread
  5. i dont recall ever submitting anything regarding SES, but i think the bilingualism definitely could be a factor
  6. @CptArocongratulations! what time did you receive the offer? @newmy88i havent heard back yet
  7. that would mean that she finally noticed us. i can cross that off my bucket list then
  8. how long do you have to reply to the offer? @premed72
  9. I wouldn’t imagine that there would be a big hurry to leave the fb group should they accept an offer @ another school
  10. can we get some timestamps? if its at this late of an hour, then it seems like its automated & rolling?
  11. @newmy88 EN, waitlist creation date: 7:41:19, gpa: low 3.9X
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