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  1. Thank you! The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that it would be okay
  2. Is it odd that I would have someone listed as a referee but not a verifier for anything? This person is more of my "personal" reference vs academic or employment, and we have volunteered together in various places and also completed some schooling together. I don't have them listed as a verifier as I have used volunteer coordinators and supervisors in his place. Does this make sense or does it look odd? I could also be overthinking this haha!
  3. Thank you very much for your reply! That was very much my own line of thinking as well. I saw on the Queen's website that they have a graduate applicant pool where they determine if the GPA is satisfactory or not, so I wasn't super sure about that, or what they might consider "satisfactory" for a grad student. But I agree, it's a ton of work for an extra slim shot at basically one more school. I appreciate the feedback And thanks for the wishes for good luck!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a little advice on writing the MCAT. I have been toying around with writing the MCAT since the last cycle's results came out on May 12th. I am from Ontario and was on the waitlist for the only school I applied to last cycle (NOSM). A little background/stats: I am a non-traditional applicant. Degrees: HBSc (Chemistry), Bachelor of Education (concurrent), Master of Education (completed Nov 2019). GPA: cGPA 3.56, 2Y GPA for Queen's 3.67 ABS: Likely the strongest suit in my application. Lots of long term EC's. SSHRC in Master's, tw
  5. Well the email we all didn't want has arrived! It says movement this year was only 8 seats, which is a bit confusing since the first update stated that there were 42 people remaining on the waitlist (and we started with 52). Maybe they aren't counting those who removed themselves from the waitlist? Not sure. Either way, obviously it's not a great feeling, but at least we have some closure.
  6. Hey guys, I learned some information this week about why we haven't heard anything. I am a previous Lakehead student and know some current NOSM students and have worked on campus as well. One of my previous co-workers let me know that unfortunately one of the NOSM Admissions Officers passed away unexpectedly last weekend. I imagine this is why they are closed and we have not received an update. I know NOSM Thunder Bay is pretty small, and I'm sure the loss of this staff member has shaken the NOSM community greatly
  7. Yeah that's super weird! I would try emailing the "interviews" email. There have been no updates since that initial email saying there is just two spots left. If anything else comes, I'm sure one of us will post here
  8. No! I didn't get anything. Hmm...maybe tomorrow?
  9. Not feeling super hopeful at this point knowing how close it was to being filled once we got the last update! I guess we will see if we get something new today! How are you feeling?
  10. Hi guys! I've definitely had better days...its been rough but I agree with @NOSM24 about things feeling a little better after Tuesday. I haven't heard anything so there might be a slim chance? I'm trying to stay positive but also realistic at this point
  11. Oh that's odd! Glad you got it though. All first round offers had to be responded to by May 26th (I believe at 11:59PM). Waitlist offers from NOSM and McMaster (and apparently a couple of Ottawa offers) happened during the period from May 12-26. The two people NOSM is waiting on must be waitlist offers (makes sense since the email said there are still 42 of us on the list out of the original 52). All other Ontario schools start waitlist offers today (to the best of my knowledge)! I don't know how long people on the waitlist at each school have to reply. I think it is at least a week? Purgatory
  12. I didn't get any emails today from NOSM! Technically the two remaining candidates could be waiting to see if they get off a waitlist for another school that doesn't have movement right away like Ottawa or Western, etc. I think they also have a window of time to decide whether or not to accept. Did you get an email eventually? Or did you contact them about not getting it? Weird!
  13. Right...I didn't even think about that. Crazy for sure. Who knows..maybe the two offers they're waiting on will decline and it will continue? I can't imagine things would move very far but I guess you never know
  14. I also spent some time bawling my eyes out basically. That's crazy that it has only moved 10 spots...I'm pretty sure that would be the lowest movement ever. I also wonder what spot I was in. It's super daunting thinking about putting myself through this again, but I have a feeling I will apply again next cycle. It's tough to know you're so close. I went up to book one today after we got the email and it said that they are booking into mid-late June...I didn't want to book before in case I got in off the waitlist
  15. I would email them! There was one person a few years back whose email address glitched out and they should have received an offer. The only way they found out was because they didn't get the update email. Let them know you didn't get it
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