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  1. Hey! Also in the group and unaware of any groupchat. I don't think there is one since there aren't any posts about making one. I've been in the group since last week.
  2. Hey! Did you happen to receive an answer to this? I'm in the same boat.
  3. Got an offer at 10:16 am. Had 2 waitlists and no acceptances on May 12th. I am so relieved.
  4. Sorry everyone for not reading, my heart was racing and I wasn't very thorough. Cheers.
  5. Yes ahahha, whoops. Apologies for screwing up the data. Best of luck everyone!
  6. This one, with the red rectangle. Is this the one we're talking about? EDIT: whoops. yea looks like I don't have it.
  7. Hello! I have the button. Interviewed at Western, Queen's, and Toronto. Rejected from Mac. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?????????
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