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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the pdf that they could post? The link is unfortunately not working.
  2. My GPA is 3.92 and my diagnostic CARS score by the Kaplan half length was 128 with no studying. I usually get 1 question wrong per **DELETED** question of the day and that was from Day 1 (I've been doing them for about a week). I think I will do fairly well in CARS My original plan was to study for the whole MCAT but the latest I could write it would be end of September, and without the science background and also working full time in a brand new job and profession, I am not seeing this as being feasible. I am thinking I would be better off focusing on maximizing my CARS score. Due
  3. @Jordyn_H That's my plan, so I hope so! My plan is to apply to Mac.
  4. I'm looking to hear of experiences of those who have written only the CARS section of the MCAT and had success at McMaster admissions. I am considering doing this for the current year and doing a full MCAT and a broader application next year.
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