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  1. The group seems pretty stable (a few people got added in the past week), there is over 120 members (although there are upper years in the group). If you are asking because of the waitlist, I wish you goodluck!
  2. Thank you for answering our questions! What would you say are next steps post acceptance?
  3. Coming from an undergrad program quite a bit smaller than QMED (my future family <3 ) I will say that there are many positives and downsides to a small class. You get to know everyone really well, which can mean personalities clash, but can also mean you get to know profs really well and develop some deep relationships. I personally think all class sizes have advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the type of learner/socializer you are. P.S. Congrats to all those who got acceptances today, and also those who didn't. Applying is a huge hurdle and something to be proud of either
  4. You can add my data. Mac / Queens / Western Interview. Have the button.
  5. Had mac/western/queens interviews and have the button. 130 Cars, ~3.95 GPA, Casper ?
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