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  1. At Mac, if you can get a high Casper and CARS (131-132), you can still get an interview with your GPA. That doesn't mean it is likely, but certainly possible. I got an interview with a 3.58 gpa and 131 CARS. As a non-trad, you may have an advantage with Casper as well. Most other Ontario schools do not use cumulative GPA. Some take your best 2 years, your most recent 2 years, or will weight your GPA by dropping your worst marks if you had a full course load. Look at each school specifically and calculate your GPA - it may not be as low as you think! Also, for these schools, you need to r
  2. I got an email offer as well - and I will be accepting! (Although I will try to defer to complete my PhD, so that might open up a spot again!)
  3. Waitlisted as well. Had the button. Timestamp: 8:14. Guess its better than a reject, but I feel like I'm in purgatory.
  4. Have we considered that the button could mean a decision has been made - accepted OR rejected, and that those with no button are waitlisters?
  5. I only applied to Mac and interviewed at Mac. I see the button. Stats - 3.58/31.
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