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  1. This is an interesting point, although it does seem that McMaster also has less waitlist movement than previous years which is quite unexpected given the circumstances.
  2. I will be removing myself from the good waitlist!
  3. Thanks everyone!! Does anyone have insight if the same conclusion applies to Alberta? Is it worth throwing an application into Alberta as well?
  4. Hello there, I know posts like this are super annoying but I’m trying to figure out my application plan for next cycle while I wait for May 12th. I’m finishing up my MSc this year, and I’m wondering if it’s worth applying to Calgary - any insight would be appreciated! OOP (Ontario) MCAT: 516 (129/129/128/130) cGPA: 3.89 wGPA: 3.95 (I think I calculated this right given that Calgary counts an A as a 4.0?) EC’s: varsity athlete, lots of youth coaching, research in disability studies (2 pubs, multiple poster presentations) lots of TA work, volunt
  5. Not sure what everyone else is thinking, and doesn’t directly affect me since I didn’t interview at Mac, but it doesn’t really sit right with me that 25-30 people in the top 100 are being accepted when they otherwise wouldn’t. Given how high their stats are you have to assume that people in the top 100 who don’t get in normally really underperformed on the MMI.
  6. So maybe it's also indicative of being wait-listed?
  7. I remember from last year because I checked the offers page quite often while on the Ottawa waitlist. At the time, one of my friends thought that it meant I would receive an offer which obviously ended up not happening.
  8. I've been following this forum for the last two years, just never felt the need to post anything until this whole scandal started. I didn't even get an interview at Mac this year so I have no stake in this.
  9. I had both the buttons (review/submit changes and reset responses). But like I said, it's possible that this was a glitch too. OMSAS certainly seems to have a tendency towards these types of malfunctions.
  10. Just wanted to add that I did not get any offers last year but I did have the button on my offers page. Not sure if that was a glitch in and of itself but felt it was worth mentioning.
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