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  1. https://mazer.us/MazerLottery.pdf Dr. Mazer, a pathologist at Johns Hopkins University, wrote about you guys!
  2. Also to add to the discussion, 40+% of CMGs match to FM but a good % of those that do, match have FM as a 2nd choice specialty (aka backup to a more competitive specialty like Derm, Emerg, Surgical subspecialties, OBGYN) and matching FM is not so much a want/desire, as it is something imposed onto them as they would rather match something than not match at all. In the US, IM and Peds act as primary care physicians as well. IM and Peds training is also only 3 years v.s. 4 (really it's 5 with GIM and Gen peds "fellowships") in Canada.
  3. There is no impact factor for this journal but oh well, just glad to get it off of my hands
  4. My research was accepted for publication in a small journal after being rejected by bigger ones thrice. This journal is not indexed in Pubmed, but is legit and peer-reviewed (its on Sage pubs and stuff). Does this publication still count for CaRMS? Or is it like publishing in a med school journal
  5. So what is to be said for the premeds gunning for EP or IC I wonder, those odds must be horrendously low once youre in such a competent field of cardiologists
  6. https://www.utoronto.ca/news/university-toronto-receives-single-largest-gift-canadian-history-james-and-louise-temerty University of Toronto receives single largest gift in Canadian history from James and Louise Temerty to support advances in human health and health care
  7. @lolz3 @SillyPanda @1D7 Just so we are on the same page, headshot means shoulders (level of the clavicle ish) and up correct? Could you find the information on the CaRMS website as I was not able to, much appreciated thank you
  8. Is there any general advice or unwritten guidelines for CaRMS photos? In terms of background (scenery, med school building, studio with lighting) and type of photo (headshot, potrait)? Anything in particular I should look out for or pay attention to? Pictures from the internet as examples are greatly appreciated
  9. Sooner or later they will need to pull the trigger on Psych Soc, I wonder how many years of data they were hoping for. The med students that wrote it in 2015 matriculated in 2016 and graduated in 2020
  10. You wont rewrite this cycle so just apply and see what happens. I knew applicants that applied with 1 below the previous year score and it dropped the year they applied and they got an II or even an A so just apply and see
  11. How much would you budget for these roughly? By tuition do you mean UG + Med tuition or PGME tuition?
  12. As a fourth-year medical student, what costs should I be aware of/account for during the next 1-2 years? I understand that there will be a cost associated with CaRMS applications (no interview fees this year), LMCC Part 1 and 2 writing fees, USMLE Step 2 CK and CS for those with US fellowship aspirations. There will also be costs associated with relocation and home purchasing/increase in rent if moving to a HCOL city. I was wondering what else I was missing and the approximate costs of these things (eg CPSO fees? Surgical foundation exam fees?) Do people still use their medical stud
  13. Do you mean race (I dont believe this data exists) or sex (CMA specialty profiles may be a good guesstimate)? There's also a certain amount of self-selection for these things (eg OBGYN is not a very diverse field trainee-wise based on sex).
  14. I think you don't feel as much pressure from the school but more so personal pressure depending on your specialty choice. If you want family, you prob won't be as stressed as if you wanted Derm or Ophtho or Plastics.
  15. The highlights: 55% self-identify as being from a racialized population 32% have experienced socio-economic challenges (will be 100% with tuition + LOC lmao) 19% from a small town or rural/remote region (31% SWOMEN) 11% LGBTQ2S+ 83% first in family to attend medical school. (Schulich should really be commended for this stat, this is not easy to accomplish). 19% first in family to attend university. https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/about/news/2020/august/feature_incoming_medical_school_class_represents_increased_diversity.html?fbclid=IwAR2Jjx00niZuyrJkx2_YR7g39ARGzu2B0
  16. You might also want to look into the College mandatory reporting rules for use of mental health services. The stigma against physicians seeking out mental health help is not right but it is definitely prevalent for a reason. Just know what the possible downstream effects might be in order to protect yourself. I hope you get the help you need my friend
  17. I dont think so, it's basically a registration for a systematic review.
  18. Yep, the school isnt liable if you get COVID from hanging with classmates but they are liable if you get it at school
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