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  1. Hi! Anyone coming into UofT first year from mac know where/how to request a transcript from Mac? Would be greatly appreciated - DM me!
  2. Anyone who went to Mac for undergrad know where to request/ get a transcript to say that you've graduated?
  3. Hello, I was recently accepted to 2T5 but have a question about deferrals. I know they are granted on an individual basis and are for exceptional circumstances. I would not be considering one if I did not have what I think is a good reason (personal health issue related to some brain trauma/concussion(s)). Would it also look bad to apply for a deferral because of a head injury? Would that make it likely for them to want to rescind the offer? I feel as though I would greatly benefit from more time to heal so that I could be the best student in September and prepare for the challenges
  4. has anyone for the march 7 interview gotten a subsequent email package yet?
  5. Has anyone ever gotten off the bad waitlist?
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