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  1. I think my interview skills are improving but I found it difficult to connect with Western’s panel, especially over video. It didn’t feel conversational and some of the questions threw me off, but I still felt that my answers should’ve at least placed me on the normal waitlist.
  2. Hi everyone, I feel like I’m in a bit of a desperate situation where I’m unsure as to how I can improve my application or what to do next. I’m an Ontario resident and applied during the fourth year of my undergraduate degree, and interviewed at Western but ended up low waitlisted. I decided to take a year off to pursue a research assistant position and reapply this year, and ended up interviewing for Mac’s MD/PhD, Western MD, and Memorial’s MD but was rejected from all and low waitlisted at Western again. My OMSAS GPA is around 3.76 and my weighted GPAs for most Ontario/OOP schools hovers
  3. Hello. On my Dalhousie portal my MCAT scores have still not been verified even though I released them on time. I emailed adcom about it but they haven't gotten back to me yet. Does anyone have a similar issue?
  4. All these comments are so out of touch. There is a large majority of students who haven't been able to get into medical school and seeing so many people complain about the colour of a backpack is very careless. Be grateful for the position you are in, and don't complain about something many students would give anything to have. No one is forcing you to wear it.
  5. Hi everyone, Recently, U of T has decided to exclude Winter 2020 grades from GPA calculations detrimentally impacting the grades of students. Please sign the petition to help change this policy. http://chng.it/QSq4phP9TG
  6. I really want to do well on the CASPER test this admissions cycle and am wondering what the best way to prep would be? Are there any books or courses I should take? Any advice is welcome.
  7. So apparently a friend of mine emailed and found out that Western will be excluding Winter 2020 and full-year course grades from GPA calculations. Curious what impact this will have on current and future applicants. Thoughts?
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