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  1. Okay thanks so much, glad I'm not the only one then
  2. Does anyone else's schedule show like time conflicts? It's almost like it's showing both the fall and winter courses together or twice as many courses as there should be...or maybe I'm looking at it wrong?
  3. Mine went to my spam folder so it could be there as well if not everyone received it!
  4. Does anyone know if a bus pass is included in tuition
  5. Has anyone taken part 2 of the interim BLS training (the in-person part)? If so, did you need to buy and bring the manual for that?
  6. Is the official tuition for 2020-2021 available online anywhere? I can only find tuition from previous years. I saw $28500
  7. I am a bit anxious too, but my feeling is that as long as you did whatever courses you said you'd do on OMSAS this past year to meet pre-reqs (if you had anything outstanding) there's rlly no reason there would be any issues at all. This is based on my assumption that there must be some sort of assessment of pre-reqs prior to interview invites?
  8. Hey everyone! I think we can't apply for anything like scholarships or bursaries until we have our uozone account (correct me if I'm wrong), but does anyone know what kinds of scholarships/bursaries are available for medical students, or how much people normally receive? Thanks!
  9. Edit * sorry i just realized this was already a topic but am not sure how to delete a thread... For anyone who took the BLS online interim course already, were you required to buy the book? Did the instructor check that you had it? Thanks!
  10. Has anyone been officially registered yet? Or heard anything about confirmation of their transcript? Thanks! Edit: Other than OMSAS saying "transcript received"
  11. In case anyone is still wondering, I emailed the heart and stroke foundation and they said we do not have to take Part 2 with the same instructor as Part 1!
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