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  1. Do you actually believe that the average neurosurgeon is on a par with a PhD-level NOBEL PRIZE WINNER? lmao With all due respect, do you even know what “Nobel prize” means?! This gotta be the most delusional statement I have seen in years.
  2. My waitlist email time stamp was 10:29:29, I don’t think the timestamp theory is true for Toronto, because almost everyone I know did exactly fall in the alphabetical order sense, sounds very unlikely to be a coincidence, also the number of ppl on u of t wait list is pretty small compared to other schools, so I don’t think those stamps correlate to rank, I’m IP Re the second wave of offers: They send a first wave of waitlist offers, and then if ppl from this wave reject, they send new offers to fill them... logically and based on posts here and posts from previous years, so
  3. Guys I got an offer... can't believe it... I had really tough social and personal circumstances that limited my options to U of T only... can't believe it happened
  4. U of T usually sends a first wave of waitlist offers as one patch, which is ideally the only offers available, then they wait for a week till the new deadline for those high waitlister to accept or reject, After a week, they fill the new spots that became available due to high waitlisters rejecting, then leave a couple more people for emergency in case someone can't defend their thesis before deadline, or just cancels last minute, and send rejections to everyone else, So, I would say rejections will probably be sent sometime next week.
  5. That’s very unlikely Today was still the last day to accept offers before the deadline and U of T never does rolling waitlist offers, they send first wave of WL offers and rejections all at once
  6. That’s for sure, U of T wait list is significantly smaller than most other school, because usually they offer quite less positions to waitlisters than other schools... because less people reject their Toronto offers than other schools
  7. Do you guys think the timestamp thing applies to other schools? U of T?
  8. Then probably the time stamp means nothing for Toronto, since most of us are 10:29. Pretty sure the emails were sent simultaneously to everyone and just delivered to people with later timestamps a bit later cause of technical problem or so.
  9. I’m 10:29, in the other thread of “Accepted/Rejected/waitlisted” there are a couple with 10:30 time stamps and a couple with 10:31, And yes it’s also very likely that these time stamps are alphabetical or mean nothing.
  10. So for Ottawa it seems that waitlust emails timestaps do correlate with the ranking because the earliest time stamp there is the one who got an offer from the waitlist so far (the have a quite resourceful thread their in the Ottawa forum), do you guys think it’s the same for Toronto?
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