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  1. I got into both this year. Departments don't overlap, they have separate admin.
  2. I didn't end up emailing them to inquire about my waitlist position, was hoping for the best. I assume I was HWL though since no other person has posted yet.
  3. Just got a call and received an offer from the waitlist! Will be declining, good luck everyone! Waitlist is moving!!
  4. If this is any indication I have an offer from Western (via student portal), it doesn't show on OMSAS tho. OMSAS does show the "button tho".
  5. Just checked OMSAS it doesn't show me anything there. Maybe it'll update in the morning??
  6. Result: Waitlisted GPA: 3.86/4.00 DAT: 19/19/18 ABS: weak on EC department. Only have 20 hrs of shadowing, no research. General club involvement and community volunteer. Interview: Didn't think it represented who I am. I was drained halfway through and started doubting myself. Time to find out where on the waitlist I am!
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