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  1. In previous years, did queens do rolling after the 2nd waitlist wave or still once a week?
  2. Queens please hit us with that email edit: oops wrong thread but the same sentiment to edge, Wendy
  3. Does anyone know when offers might come this coming week?
  4. Does anyone know when offers might come this coming week?
  5. Around 10 people have posted that they got off the waitlist so far, that seems like more compared to past years (or people are just posting more)? This could be good news — possibly more movement this year. And the wave next week should be bigger than last year as well :-) hopefully we all get out of this treacherous wait next week
  6. I feel like they wouldn’t increase the spots because (I may have dreamt this) didn’t they say they offered guaranteed interviews because most of the interviewees from this year will probably get in somewhere, and if not they’d probably get an interview offer again. So it’s not super unfair to next years applicants. Also it seems like Mac is pretty conservative on extra spendings; more interview spots = more resources, so probably not.
  7. Aaa I see! I’m curious to read that afmc document for this year and see if they actually gave out more offers. Also..... oh gosh I hope Im not the first to break the op prophecy since 2012
  8. Do you guys think more offers will be send out today or tomorrow?
  9. Chin up kings and queens! Every new offer could be any of us, especially cuz it’s random anyways! Ive been reading the past years wl threads and always thought that people start losing hope way too early. I’d say the same probably applies to this cycle :-) But regardless of the outcome, we can make next year to be our best adventure yet!
  10. I am!! Someone I know just got of the queens waitlist, so I think it started moving :/
  11. Aaa I see oh gosh that sure does tug at my heart strings
  12. Mmm maybe not a wave today, just droplets? I feel like the bigger wave is tmr and maybe even the day after
  13. Did they specifically say that they got off the waitlist today?
  14. Congratulations!!! Which school did you end up choosing?
  15. Congratulations on UBC!!! And thank you so much for letting us know
  16. I think first round offers are 90 ( taking away quarms and indigenous applicants) out of 500 interviewed. ~20% chance And historically they offer to 190 or something by the end. So there are about 100 waitlist offers out of at most 400 people. Since some people are rejected and some remove themselves from the waitlist, it’s definitely more than 25% chance (idk if they over offer... if they do then I’m not sure)
  17. Yeah... same (also waiting for Mac), but statistically it seems like we have a better chance getting in off waitlist than first round offers!
  18. I feel like if they didn’t accept a med school offer anywhere else, they would? But I feel like most people won’t reject a wl and apply to med schools again unless they accepted another med offer
  19. The waitlist peeps thank you for your service and letting us know!!!
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