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  1. I don't know if you have already made a decision, but I am currently at York and would like to advise against it. Something I didn't consider is that there is no A- at York, so getting all A's will only get you 3.80 instead of 3.90 from many other universities. Look into OMSAS grading conversion before making your final decision.
  2. I am in need of some advice here. I am in my 30s and already have a BSc in Nursing. I did very poorly the first time, with GPA of only 2.8. I decided to do a second degree and I have improved my grades but it's still pretty low. 1st year: 3.52, 2nd year: 3.67, 3rd year: 3.74. I have applied to MPH and received an offer from a school, but not sure if doing another undergrad year would be more beneficial. For EC, I have done 1 year of research, volunteer abroad in south american clinics, local community, leadership roles in a school organization, and of course working as a nurse
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