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  1. For UofA: Most lectures can be watched at any time, however, some have an interactive component (Team Based Learning, for example) that you need to be present for. It's not always clear which classes have an interactive component though. Also, most weeks have Discovery Learning sessions that you might feel pretty under prepared for if you fall behind on the lectures. Anatomy starts in January with the cardio block, but there's usually a session before then to just introduce you to the gross lab.
  2. I have lived close to downtown in the Oliver neighborhood for ~7 years while attending UofA. It takes me 15 mins to bus, 30 mins to LRT (buses were down for 2 years), & 15 mins to bike. Neither my fiancé or I have had any encounters that made us feel unsafe. Our car got broken into once a few years back, but other than that we really haven't had any issues.
  3. Last year was Wednesday, Feb 5th
  4. Result: Accepted - long time lurker Geography: IP GPA: 3.68 MCAT: 509 (128/126/129/126) Degree: BSc (Biology), MSc (in progress) E.C: Past cycle: 7/17 in 2018 (before MSc). Mature applicant, partial completion of BScN with clinical experience, non-science related work (maintenance worker & assistant manager), science related work (research assistant most undergrad summers & lab tech one year post BSc), 1 publication with another manuscript under review when application was submitted, NSERC CGS-M & other large scholarships, developed de novo e-phys protocol
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