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  1. Also, Mac announced that they WILL be increasing the number of interviews for the next cycle. Would also not surprise me if they interview ~700 for 203 spots next year. Oh well, our odds are still better than Queen's post-interview chances. :/
  2. Yeah, I made the poll specifically to estimate the # of unaccepted waitlisters!
  3. https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/when-to-apply See "Admissions Information Presentation" page 13. " The number of interviews offered in the 2020/21 application cycle will be increased by the number of students who are receiving a guaranteed interview spot. " What are your thoughts? Fair? Unfair?
  4. I edited the poll to include options for people who received a rejection from McMaster on May 12 and were immediately given their automatic interview then. That is, if Mac actually rejected anyone on May 12...
  5. Hey everyone, I made this poll to estimate the number of people who were left on the waitlist that will be getting automatic interviews next year.
  6. Sorry to everyone who received bad news this morning. I made this poll to gauge the number of people who were still on the McMaster waitlist. Maybe we can get an idea of how many automatic interviews Mac will have to grant for next cycle. All answers on the poll are anonymous.
  7. McMaster just sent out a survey to applicants who declined an offer to their MD program this year. So, I'm curious: why did you decline your McMaster offer? Where will you be going instead?
  8. To those who received an offer off the waitlist yesterday, do you see an offer on OMSAS yet?
  9. Thank you for doing this! Should the incoming class expect any backlash for being the "lottery" class?
  10. Wondering this too! Has Queen's ever sent offers from the waitlist within two weeks after initial offers?
  11. Has Queen's ever sent offers from the waitlist within two weeks after initial offers?
  12. I have an offer from another Ontario school, but Queen's is my first choice, and I was waitlisted at Queen's. If I accept the offer from the other Ontario school, will I automatically get removed from the Queen's waitlist by OMSAS? I was confused by the wording of the waitlist email: "Please note you do not need to confirm if you wish to remain on our list. If you accept an offer of admission at another school of medicine and no longer wish to be considered at Queen's, we would be grateful if you would let our office know. Please email queensmd@queensu.ca if you wish to have your name rem
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