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  1. Hey everyone, Is anyone having a difficult time choosing between Western and Mac? I've narrowed it down to those two schools, but am having difficulty choosing which one would be best for me. Any insight from anyone who has recently accepted offers from one of those two schools would be amazing!! Congrats to everyone who has accepted their offers!
  2. Yeah, it's a little confusing to me as it seems every other school in the country have responded to all applicants. Hopefully Kelly will respond to my email. I'll update if I hear about anything
  3. Have any Atlantic residents still not heard back from Dal for OT..? I have received offers for schools outside of the Maritimes, but would ideally like to hear back from Dal before making my decision (as Dal is, or was, my first choice). Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat? Seems to be quite chaotic there..
  4. Same here. I'm an Atlantic student and never heard a word about my application (along with several unanswered emails). A little frustrating, but given the circumstances I guess I just need to be patient haha
  5. Congrats on making it that far! Hopefully we'll all have a bit more clarity next week.
  6. Same.. I haven't been able to get a reply back from anyone. Hopefully next week (fingers crossed!)
  7. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone (OOP or IP) has heard anything else from Dal since Monday??
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