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  1. Got in from waitlist yesterday! I am OOP and will be turning it down for an Ontario School. Best of luck to you all !
  2. OOP tuning in- not sure if any other OOP are? Hopefully we hear today !
  3. The button has shown no true pattern. Let’s stop it’s influence
  4. Anyone know last years time for UofT? I feel like I've read 9:30am
  5. Yea someone said they could be a troll... and I think they may be.
  6. Just checked- same. I have the button, but im not looking into that much. Some ppl without it got in at Mac, some with it got in. Dont see it being predictive. Seems that UofT isn't out
  7. I think I ran out of cortisol I’m feeling oddly relaxed now
  8. If it’s not at 12am I can’t believe I have to feel what I’m feeling rn AGAIN leading up to 9am
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