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  1. Hi everyone! I really appreciate this discussion but it's not what I had in mind when I created this forum. If possible, I would appreciate if this conversation could be taken to a different posting. I feel like new medical students are already overwhelmed by the barrage of information thrown their way and the conversations in this forum can be quite overwhelming and intimidating for them.
  2. Was in same boat as you last year and picked mac. Feel free to DM.
  3. May I ask what medical school you are currently attending?
  4. There have been temporary changes to the dates for our year but I expect them to return to normal for c2024 . There has been curriculum changes since you likely attended but nothing too drastic. You can search up COMPASS to see the general schedule.
  5. Something to consider is that 3 year Mac has approximately only 6 to 7 weeks less than a 4 year program. So, the amount of school experiences are pretty much the same. Additionally, I disagree with the comments on getting tired with no breaks. I don't think people who are not attending Mac can comment on that fairly. We have many one week or two week breaks sprinkled throughout that have been enough for me. Mac Med student CVs are quite comparable to 4 year programs (have seen this from experience). ultimately despite all this, mac continues to be one of the top medical schools and h
  6. Hey guys, congratulations to everyone who got accepted. And to those who received multiple offers, let me convince you why Mac is the best school to attend. 1. Mac is great for your mental health. The schedule is laid back and flexible, allowing you to pursue multiple interests like research, ECs and hobbies. You take control of your education and can decide how you want to spend your time. Can't count the number of TV shows I've binged this year. Just recently the class of 2023 was offered a weekend off + flex days to avoid burn out. Exams are also quite low stakes. 2. 3 years. Need
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